The Price of Freedom is Visible Here
  We have a special privilege in the Tampa area with the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital located here.  The motto in front of the hospital is, "The Price of Freedom is visible here".  One of the hospital specialties is the Spinal Cord, Traumatic Brain and Blast Injury treatment programs.  With the current, as well as past military actions, the center is treating an increased number of these patriots.

Our current duty injured and veterans need their families nearby during recovery from illness and injury.  For those living over 50 miles from the center and qualifying for aid based on income limits, the Haley House Fund is housing the families of these veterans during their treatments.  Currently we have supported hundreds of families.  This fund needs your support and help.  The staff is all volunteer, so your donation will go directly to the benefit the injured and ill and their families.           


YOUR help is needed NOW

The Haley House Fund is in place TODAY providing rooms at a local, nationally known and respected motel chain at reduced rates.  This support is not available for those that can pay for themselves.  The Haley House Fund provides living arrangements for families to spend needed time with the recovering current duty injured and veterans.  In early April 2005 we opened a comfort center with full kitchen, washing machine and dryer, television and game area, free to those visiting Haley House. 

But we need your help right now.  "No one left behind - including families" is the fund's motto.  Haley House is an important part of providing peace of mind for our warriors.  Please consider a tax deductible contribution, contact 813.926-1100 or our web at www.HaleyHouseFund.com


Donations payable to:
Haley House Fund, Inc
P.O.Box 701
Brandon, FL  33509-0701
Incorporation # N04000012055
Employer ID # 16-1711159
Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services  # CH19053

501(C)3 Tax Exempt Organization
IRS Certificate  501(C)(3) #  85-8013375576C-2
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) # 57092

Email:  Info@HaleyHouseFund.com

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